Distribution network spread over South Asian countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka & Thailand for major brands with more than 900 partners supporting various channels.

IT Management

IT Infrastructure planning for enterprise buildings, offices, hotels, military, government assets, security, stock market, forex offices, VPN connectivity, telecommunication loop network for small towns, air drone monitoring video live broadcasting, video solutions, IPTV, IP PBX , VOIP, Centralized Network Cloud Security Management, IT Audit for hacking, security breach, backtrace solutions, domain authorisation validation, network firewall planning, home / office / commercial large scale automation planning, smart city infrastructure development and deployment.

Wifi WAN / LAN Network

Structure , Hardware, Consultancy for Wireless Broadcasting Wireless Network for Large Enterprises with Hotspot Server / Billing over 1000-20000 users under Fibre Optics / 10G Network based planning and upscaling process for commercial buildings, hostels , schools , dormitories, offices, hotels, resorts, security command, colleges, university, hospitals and airport.